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Russia and Ukraine war 2022: Chris Ani Shared an Educative information to the Nigerians



Russia and Ukraine war 2022: Chris Ani Shared an Educative information to the Nigerians

The recent war out break between Russia and Ukraine has become the trend and the most talked about in the entire Media Companies. So many things have being happening despite the fact that the news and the other countries is against Russia to forbid Ukraine to join NATO. It came to Legiturban  that a Nigeria Entrepreneur,Author, Missionary Christian, startup advisor, Bitcoin and blockchain advocate, has disclosed his concerns about the war, below is what he shared on his time

Chris Ani wrote;

”NATO don finally abandon Ukraine matter as they can’t even try to declare no Fly zone
We warned that this guy should not listen to Joe Biden…toothless western dogs
Gush…look at the lives watered because someone felt Washington and this western hypocrites will match Putin power for power….”

“They want to turn this war to Us vs Them
Meanwhile they are using it to cover the global economic failure with war as an excuse to the inflation, high cost of goods and services and the economic reset hitting Europe, maybe the rothchild family and will be smiling and raking the Billions usd
Just thinking sha”


”You said you are fighting putin, you have sent Enough sanctions, a lot of Russians are not in support of what Putin is doing in Ukraine and his approach
Ok let’s agree sanctions are good
Why are you now telling Russians they can’t write CFA exams again ?
Why are you removing Russian cartoon series from Disney ?
Why are you making it look like Russian culture is now evil ? And we should buy the bloody propaganda of believing in the scam “Free world” proclaimed by Biden?
You have told PayPal and several platforms to delist Russia..something you can’t even dare with China
This is no longer about Putin or Ukraine
It’s also the subtle media inference that everything about Russian culture is evil, and needs to be purged. Like it’s moved from geo-politics & economic sanctions to cultural warfare.
You must be so brainwashed to be supporting this type of moves and not disturbed about it ?
Remember when GEJ did not accept the terms of Obama and co ..what happened? They did not sell arms and equipment to him to fight Bokoharam , that’s what this people want to do, impose there culture and value system….. and call it a free world…”

Some comments reads;

There are different sides to this argument. True the west has her own blame and bad side.

am not here to argue if it’s an necessary or war or war of choice.

See right now NATO nor Europe can’t engage militarily. The fear is that the war may escalate. Note that Russia has the highest number of active and available neuclear war heads in the world and Putin is threatening to use it on any country that interfers. This is already opening door for a new order for neuclear warheads in order to deter other nations, so that what is happening to Ukraine don’t happen to them.


Since they can engage militarily, they have to use every war to put pressure on both Putin and the Russian people. They pressure is both offshore and onshore.

Most of the billionaires in Russia are doing business with Putin’ s money, so sanctions on some of the billionaires is cutting Putin ability to fund the war.

It has nothing to do with imposing Western culture, it’s a way of mounting pressure onshore.

Let’s all pray that Putin stops, if not we may just be close to a world war 3.

source: Chris Ani 


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