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I’m fasting and praying for my boyfriend to divorce his wife and marry me – Bobrisky Cries out -Legiturban



Pray for me so that the divorce can be faster

The Nigerian male Barbie and cross dresser Idris Okoye (Bobrisky) has opened up to his fan about his marriage plans and the preparations.

This information reached to the Legiturban after a fan asked Bobrisky when he is getting married.


remember that Bobrisky said He is adding weight lately and my doctor said i’m not pregnant


Literally, the man after Bob’s heart is still unknown and there are still some information regarding what he shared that happened to him I was embarrassed when his brother asked me if i’m a man or a woman – Bobrisky cries out after visiting a friend

Below is what he said

Bobrisky prays for divorce

Below are some comments from his fan

@D Prayer is against d will of GOD. It cannot be answered.

@That’s how they will pray for your own too. You own prayer will not work but their own will 🙄


@What kind of prayer is this….??? May God have mercy on you Bob! With this prayer point, you’re praying in vain….. Mitchewwwwww!!!

@Your prayers is for those that is married not for me because the last time I check am still single searching like you 🥴🤷

@May your prayers in this life never be answered in Jesus name, but why is all your things upside down Bob