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I was embarrassed when his brother asked me if i’m a man or a woman – Bobrisky cries out after visiting a friend



I was embarrassed when his brother asked me if I’m a man or a woman, according to bobrisky who shared via his page that he visited a long term friend after several years. Bob revealed that His male fried welcomed him to his him but his elder brother kept staring at him as if he was going to chase him out of the house

Perhaps, he has seen bobrisky over the media and blogs and his viral video as a male barbie but has never know that his brother and bobriky are friends.

What bob risky says.

” Something happened to me yesterday and I was quite embarrassed, I went to see a very good friend of mine unfortunately not knowing the elder was around forom IMO state. As I enter the man shouted is “is this not bobrisky?” And I was smiling and he asked his young brother ” is he a man or a woman ( o nwoke ko nwannyi?) Of course, I understand Igbo, I was embarrassed. You have to let your brother travel so he will see what is happening in the recent world,  I was a bit embarrassed why would you ask your brother such a question? I have been your brother’s friend for how many years at a point he was even staring at us thinking we are dating or something.


What video below