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Apple iOS 16, Why Apple is adding a new polish to iPhone



Apple iOS 16

Apple is expecting to release new software for its iPhone, iPad and Mac computers at its annual WWDC developers event which started on Monday.

This new software offers a big chance For Apple to migrate without any kind of manufacturing, which has been hard in the pandemic.

This software update mean a lot for you because it’s extend the life of a device , giving individual’s flexibility during economic failures.

For iPhone, the new update is expected to have a small “widget” apps on the Lock Screen this is from Bloomberg and others. The Apple update is expecting to have additional features that will improve multitasking and running apps aside by side, particularly on the iPad.
Though Apple company might show off some hardware at this year WWDC, the event is primarily focused on the company’s plan for the future. This is an opportunity for Apple to power up their ambitions for the nearest future.
The tech company has also expanded its subscription offerings over the past couple of years. Those now includes $5 per month, this is for Apple TV plus for movies and TV show and $10 per month for Apple Fitness Plus. According to the tech company, they recorded about 825 million accounts with paid subscriptions on its platform at the end of March.


Another change Apple has increasingly offered for its smartphone, tablets and computers is how well they work with other devices that the company doesn’t make. Another thing the tech company did is to upgrade and expand its near-field communication technology, primarily built for Apple Pay wireless credit card payments, to serve as keys to get into a car, and soon drivers license to use at an airport too.

There’s still always a chance the company could pull a surprise announcement of its long-rumored AR glasses, expected to maybe go on sale next year. But analysts say that at a time when manufacturing is struggling and the broader economy is shaky, it’s a good opportunity for Apple to focus on the software that helps its devices stand out.

“With an unparalleled installed base of 1 billion iPhones worldwide and 1.8 billion iOS devices for Cupertino this continues to remain Apple’s unique advantage over other technology stalwarts,” Wedbush analyst Daniel Ives wrote in a recent message to investors, referring to Apple’s hometown of Cupertino, California.


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