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All You Need To Know About Apple iOS 16 WWDC Keynote



Apple iOS 16

It’s another WWDC keynote moment. Every year the Giant tech company always organizes its WORLDWIDE DEVELOPER CONFERENCE with some hours of head-to -head announcement, generally covering things from iOS, watchOS,iPad and MacBook.

Some of you all wouldn’t have time to tune If for the special announcement, don’t worry we got you covered with the iOS 16update announcement.

iOS 16

iOS 16

  •  The Lock Screen is getting an overhaul. It will allow for more customization, plus support for widgets, including widgets for third party apps. Notifications will now “roll in” from the bottom of the screen, while a “live activities” API will let developers up notifications in real time .
  • You’ll be able to edit or send recent messages in iMessage or make a thread as unread.
  • Shareplay (which allows you, for example to watch a streamed movie in sync with a friend) will now work in iMessage, not just over FaceTime.
  • Live Text will be able to translate and replace text it detects in a photo, allowing you to more easily read through something like menu in a language you don’t know.
  • Apple is getting into buy now, pay later; Apple Pay later will let you split an Apple Pay Purchase over four payments with zero interest; Apple says it will work anywhere Apple Pay works.
  • Apple News will now let you to follow news specifically focused on your favorite sports/teams.
  • If you use Family sharing to limit your kids’ iPad screen time, said kids will now be able to request more time via iMessage.
  • You can now have a share library with family; when taking a photo, you can toggle whether your photos goes to shared library or personal library.
  • Apple has reimagined the Home app “from the ground up.” All of your various devices in different rooms are brought into one screen, including a side-scrolling view of all of your HomeKit -enabled camera
  • CarPlay is also getting a massive overhaul _ Apple is basically is looking to take over your car’s entire instrument cluster. It’ ll support things like speed redoubts, fuel gauges, Ac control etc.
  • SharePlay will now have deeper support for games, allowing you to more easily start matches/battles directly with friends.
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